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Ranger is the best solo pve class change my mind.

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On 9/5/2021 at 12:52 PM, Grimlineman.6759 said:

How does condi renegade compare to your condi Herald? I’m liking the sound of the renegade that might be something I try soon. 


I have a hybrid condi/power renegade (Mallyx/Kalla) that does pretty well in pve. I wouldn't suggest the hybrid route though, I only did that because I made a full set of exotic gear with Grieving stats, I'm almost 100% certain I'd do better with either Trailblazer or Viper.


The faceroll-capacity for it comes mostly from the Battle Scars mechanic, which the renegade multi-hit summons work very well with. It offers a huge volume of lifesteal with basically no thought put into it, so it allows for some mindless mid-range area smashings.


Swapping to Mallyx is also an excellent choice to just cheese your way past melee pressure.. Torment runes offer a huge amount of sustain thanks to the many ways condi renegade pumps out torment on multiple targets at once.


Note that Mallyx works equally well with renegade and herald, so really I think it comes down to how much you like shortbow/Kalla more than anything else.

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