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Fractals - lighting - deepstone, molten boss - darker than usual

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So yesterday and today i did fractals, the room at the endboss in deepstone was so dark that i couldnt even see which plates were away and which still there.
Molten boss was not that dark, but still darker than usual.

As i saw from another post, i am not the only one with that problem but there are also a lot of players that dont have any problems after the patch.

I forgot to make a screenshot of deepstone but it was really....lets say i nearly saw nothing.

Some places look more realistic now but some...yea...a bit too dark?

However it seems like i am not the only one with this bug but i just wanted shout out this bug so it gets fixed fast.

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My problem was "fixed" by removing d912pxy and getting a newer version, but even with the new version, i saw the changes in lightning in some areas.

My particular issue was that there was no lighting effects whatsoever, you can see that in the Thunderhead Peaks screenshot, no glow, no orange, nothing. 

And the way d912xy reacted to the patch (by not being able to render lighting), tells me they did indeed do something to the lighting engine. Why else would d912pxy not work? It's probably because it's calling some code that isn't there anymore or isn't the same or whatever, causing it to not load anything.


I did some fractals yesterday though, and yes, i can confirm that the lighting is different. Even with the new d912pxy and without it. 

Especially Deepstone, yes. I didn't find it so dark, but the lighting was off, it's like my character was lighter than his surroundings, like some light reflected off him that wasn't there.


If this is the "realistic" look they're going for, well, they're not there yet.


Personally, i don't mind if they want to change something but come on Anet, talk to us...

I'll be happy with anything that will give me more FPS and more stable FPS so... 

Hopefully this is the beginning.

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