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GW2 Folder Cleanup

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My folder has:

.dat file (definitely keep)

bin64 folder

crash.dmp (not sure that's needed)

some empty .tmp files (I'm sure those would be recreated)

the application (GW2-64)

the THIRDPARTYREADME file (nothing necessary there, probably recreates)


If you use custom music for GW2, I guess you'd need the music folder; I don't so I don't know.

My Pictures folder is elsewhere.

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So basically i don't need the bin folder, gw2.exe (probably 32bit) and it's .tmp (probably bound to repair or something, today i made a repair of my 64 and my -64.tmp is dated as today).

Not sure about the Local, ArenaNet and THIRDPARTYREADME.

About Screens Folder, mine too is in another folder, but this one is empty, so nothing i need to clear.

About Music Folder, i never tried custom music and don't know how it works, maybe someday.

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