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[FotFW] Game crashes during 2nd Round of Treasure Hunt

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Please fix this, it's been reported repeatedly since the festival has started. Here's a screenshot: https://i.imgur.com/C7uI2Dr.jpg


It always happens during the Second Round when you dive underwater in the event area, and it's robbing people of rewards if they land on a different map after reconnecting (just now, my map had a late start for whatever reason, and after the crash I ended up on a map that was already finishing up the 3rd round). :classic_sad: Given that you have to wait a full two hours for this event, it's a bit annoying.

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My friend has a similar issue in the second round. His computer is freezing when he passes through the limit of the event area. 

Anyone else have the same issue ? It's very ennoying because he has to restart his computer each time (today, 3 treasure hunt, 3 time the computer is bloked.)

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Just now, khetry.4901 said:

My friend has a similar issue [...]


Not sure it's "similar", since a game crash and a computer freeze/crash are two different things, though I won't rule out the possibility that the game crash freezes his system for some reason.


Was there a crash dump created in his GW2 game folder?

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