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Hail to the king Baby!


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So I recently opened steam and played through Duke Nukem, at which point I realised The voice actor Jon St. Jon also voices PvP in GW2. and liking fashion, I figured it ought to be extremely easy to make a tribute character of the Duke in GW2... Absolutely not the case. There is no light, medium, or heavy top that looks even slightly like a Duke top. or a tank top. We really should have a tank top somewhere in there, right? It just seems like an oversight that something so basic is missing in a game that otherwise has incredible attention to detail and the largest range of cosmetic options i've come across. A tank top with bandoliers wouldn't even be that out of place on an engineer. plus it'd be a cool head nod to not only gaming predecessors, but Jon St. Jon too. Anyway, just thought i'd bring attention to it. because hey, you don't get if you never ask, right?

This is my first post, so If anyone has found a way to make something like this work cosmetically, a post is appreciated, thanks.  :) 

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