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FOTFW Annual Rewards and skins suggestion...


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Greetings all! I wanted to share my disappointment, confusion but also hope concerning the FOTFW annual rewards and their current skins.

-I do like how they have small and bigger versions of the Aspect back items...however the larger Lightning and Wind back item have almost the same purple color where wind should have more of a light blue color like its smaller counterpart.

-I like how they introduced the Sun Aspect vision (helm) skin so I hope they also introduce Lightning and Wind Vision as well...or some sort of equivalent.

-You either love or probably hate the Zeph weapons but they were vastly improved with the aspect enhanced Sun versions so just like above I think it would be congruent to have Lightning and Wind touched versions as well.

-This years annual reward Zephyrite Traveling Boots (that I've seen and heard) echoes my own disappointment over how basic it is. I think a very minor footprint affect or even the ability to earn Sun, Lightning, and Wind touched versions also would have warranted the annual AP effort. 

What do you all think?

Thank you so much for your time!


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