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Reaper's shroud still bugged

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The last patch notes included mentions of fixing a bug with damage reductions while in reaper shroud and death shroud but I think it is still bugged.


I was just fighting a reaper and I noticed they went from being quite tanky to literally exploding when they dropped their shroud. And I mean that the rate at which I was working through their shroud health bar was significantly lower to their regular health bar.


My predator's cunning went from "0 (16 absorbed)" while they were in shroud to "177 (8 absorbed)" when they exited.

My one wolf pack went from critting for "635" to "1309".

My bleeding was also included instances of "0 (39 absorbed)" or "0 (12 absorbed)" while they were in shroud, the game log isn't really good at showing condi damage


I'm not sure how the mitigation should be working, but fully mitigating some of the damage, as with the bleeding and the predator's cunning, seems unintended.

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