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<EU><SOCIAL/PvX/RP/FASHION> >Tavern of Tyrian Tales [ToTT]<Soldiers and travelers, old and new, join our table and grab some brew!


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Greetings weary travelers!

Be welcomed at the "Tavern of Tyrian Tales"!

Hey! What a nice hat you have! Care to show to the waitress? No? Sad, she would really warm you up.

Anyway, grab some ale at the bar, take a seat at the fireplace and listen to the tale of the old hermit. Half blind, half deaf, but honest and has some great stories.

Do you have some too? Great! Share with the crowd!

See that shady fella in the corner? Looking for someone for an adventure. Are you interested?

Reserve a table at me (Elbritil.3817) at the bar, or leave a mail in the mailbox.


ToTT is a (fairly) new social/pvx/rp/fashion oriented guild, welcoming for all (especially for new players) with the goal to help in the growth of the games community.

PM me, or send a mail ingame!

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