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idea:Link equipment tab with build tab


idea:Link equipment tab with build tab  

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  1. 1. so how about give option to link a trait/build tab with a equipment tab?

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I'd rather not have such a feature.

Instead of being optional, such a link system would most likely be forced upon us.


Arenanet doesn't like systems being optional all that much.

One recent example is the legendary armoury, which robs us of our legendary items,

instead of letting us choose whether we want to keep them as items or not.

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They should've combined them together to start with, as builds and equipment are so closely tied together. Right now what I do is keybind build 1 on F1, then keybind equipment 1 on Shift+F1. Makes things less confusing and faster.


I might ask support if it is okay to macro these two keybindings, as they do allow macros to some extent, but maybe later. They should still consider letting players bind their equipment and build templates together.

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8 hours ago, Demalii.9435 said:

Gw2efficiency.com and other places/apps allow you, through an api key, to screenshot or share through a browser link, equipment tabs from any of your characters.

That's not great if someone is asking you for a build mid event. There is really no easy way to ping the gear.
It could be helpful for new players when they ask for advise and you're running legendaries, ping doesn't show the stat combo.

On the other hand, ppl are asking for kp for each kind of content (I've seen 100 LI DE group). This could allow a 'gear check'.  I have nothing to hide, but this could lead to some feel bads.

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I'd be ok with it if it's optional and we still have the option to swap builds or equipment separately and to use the same equipment with different builds without having to duplicate it on a second equipment template.

On my main character I have 4 build templates and I'm currently using all of them but only 2 equipment templates and the changes on the second one are fairly minimal. I don't need to change the equipment I use for most of the builds because I've designed them to work with the same stats and it would be very annoying to be forced into wasting money on equipment tabs I don't need just to duplicate what I've already got because they're now stuck together.

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