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Story progress blocked in S4E2 "A Bug in the System"

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After finishing third chapter, "A Kindness Repaid", my characters encountered a glitch, which appears such way as my progress resets to the «A Kindness Repaid»: Join your companions on the beach. As it resets and I'm outside previous story step, I can't finish story and progress is blocked.

It happens on two different characters, with already completed story two years ago (and I encountered same glitch which was resolved by Support Team, I contacted via in-game Bug Report), and new one with S4E2 first started.

Trying to complete 3 chapter within groups, following other player, waiting for daily resets, restarting story — doesn't help. I'm stuck.


I contacted support via in-game Bug Report and got no answer by now. Support Site recommended to wait for daily reset or try to play another character (that's not a solution,, anyway!) but it doesn't help, than asked me to wait for patience as it will take indefinite time and advised to make such a topic on the forum, as it helps Dev Team.


Story progress is still blocked for both characters.

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The same thing happened to me.  Like SoundWave, I headed to the purple star for The Charge and ran the instance and was very grateful to get credit at the end.  I have been running the Return stories full on as a replay, including the open world parts, precisely to avoid issues that others reported with doing it via purple stars only.  Happily it worked this time.  If I had been on a character that hadn't done the story yet I'd have been out of luck.

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Ah! Thanks, that method by Inculpatus works! I restarted story previously and it doesn't help. But if i wen to purple star in Desert Highlands to redo 'A Kindness Repaid', it finishes properly and works well!

Story progressed, issued resolved, but this glitch still occurs and demands to use your advice to continue the story.

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