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Opinion about Zephyrite Supply Boxes


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Hey everyone,

i would like to know what you think about this:

I usually do every festival i can get hold of as far as i have the time to do so.
In general, most festivals are a welcomed variety to my daily/weekly fracs, raids and so on.
With a few exceptions: wintersday and halloween for farming and festival of the four winds for spending my gold on those supply boxes.

Now i know that the boxes are mostly there because Anet needs some ways to get money out of the economy to keep it more stable.
The past years this worked quite well as far as i could observe it.
I spend a lot of gold at the boxes too, just for fun even though i knew i might not get anything out of it.
But: it was like investing ~7-8s and a box was worth ~4s. So i usually ended up with spending around 650g and got like 250g back. 
The price i paid for trying to get an infusion 🙂

Here we are: Anet changed the prices AND the loot table.
So we have 3 more items in "super rare" which i find ugly (personal view) but they are also not worth that much and just decrease the chance of the other ones i would like to have.
In addition the boxes went up to around 21s and more and are now even less worth (~3s). All according to the wiki calculations.

I know its more a gamble and one should not brag much about it since you know what you are up to.
But i stopped buying any boxes now because even if it is gambling, it just feels like being scammed or throwing away money out of the window for nothing and the chances being a joke in relation to the price i would pay.

I feel like Anet shot themselfs. If people dont buy those boxes anymore it wont even have a positive effect....

Is it just my personal view and whining? 😉
How do you feel about that?
Do you still buy the boxes for fun and trying? 🙂


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You should absolutely not buy any of these boxes except for the minimum amount necessary to complete the daily and annual achievements related to opening them.


They do not appear to have been rebalanced (or at least not properly balanced) for the current state of the game economy so they represent a TRAP for unsuspecting players this year.

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6 minutes ago, theCypher.9406 said:

No way to describe my feelings about that mate...

2 things come to my mind:
1) All the way down to the boiler room of hell for you!
2) Gratulations man. Nice drop 🙂

Good mixed feelings here 😉


As you can tell i was over the moon about this 😁

thanks for your kind words. Hell is nice this time of year 😉

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Congrats on the drop!


Before anyone sees this and gets the idea that blowing everything gambling on these on the last day is worth it:



The drop rates for the COMMON items are so bad that the rates are ranging from 0.004 to 0.043  items per open. You're more likely to get NOTHING than you are to get a single Mithril Ore.


Do it for the lols or the AP, but nearly everyone is better off just sending the gold to a random stranger and hoping they mail you an infusion back. 

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