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anet idea of soo call need to make fotm rainbow colord is (having necro meta only)


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"ArenaNet's idea of so-called need to make FOTM rainbow colored is having necro meta only."


I think what OP is trying to say is that ArenaNet tried to balance all classes (i.e., make the meta "rainbow colored" - have all different classes, with their wildly varying signature colors like guardian blue and mesmer pink/purple, on the same level), but just wound up with condi necros dominating everything.


...is that it?

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52 minutes ago, LucianDK.8615 said:

Not sure what the OP is saying with his word salad.

26 minutes ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

Yeah...uh...translation please?

You need to sound it out.


With the newest change to kill power off and it's now only condi groups. You must run condi necro or if you don't you get kicked, even CFB isn't fine anymore.


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3 hours ago, tonny.7580 said:

with the newst chance the kill power off and it now only condi group u most run condi necro or if u dont u get kick ifen cfb isend fine anymore

With the newest change they killed power off and it's now only condi groups. You must run condi necro, if you dont u get kicked. Even cfb isn't fine anymore.


Hope this clears things up. 

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I run T4 and CM daily, i play scourge, cause i was playing scourge even before May 11th. And yes, that "newest" change was roughly 4 months ago, not late to the party at all...
I don't ask KP, i don't ask for classes, just roles, and honestly, i've not really had any issues. Is double or triple scourge amazing for 100CM? Yep, its pretty much ez mode throughout, due to epi disposing of Sorrows. But i've done it with all sorts.

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Now I'm curious as to what a rainbow-coloured meta would look like.


Red/orange - lumping together because that's usually used for fire effects - would be fire elementalists, berserkers, renegades, and deadeyes. So mostly focused on strike damage and burns. Support here is primarily offensive in nature (banners, might, Kalla stuff).


Yellow would include holosmiths and I think scrappers as well, spellbreakers, and you could argue scourge and ventari rev as well although they're on the cusp of yellow and green. Maybe earth elementalists. So we've got a solid block of you-can't-kill-me here.


Green is ranger and necromancer. Technically Shiro rev as well, but he has relatively few green effects and he's usually not the defining legend of a build. Damage specs here, using either power or bleed and poison conditions, noting that support elite specialisations of both shift to other colours. Both have utilities that can be particularly effective in specific situations (for instance, epidemic bouncing or entangling enemies that you need to get a long-term immobilise on)


Blue is best known for guardian, and to a lesser extent Glint/Jalis heralds. Lots of protection there. It also covers druids and water elementalists for extra healing, along with air elementalists.


Indigo and violet I'm going to lump together since the reason we don't just have "purple" is that back in the day people preferred to have seven colours of the rainbow than six, and because thief is IMO closer to mesmer than the blue classes. Namely, they each share a focus on mobility, stealth, deception and disruption. Mallyx rev, when combined with Shiro, has a similar energy but without explicitly having stealth or illusions, but if combined with other legends the other legend probably determines the colour. Noteworthy also that while they don't have a monopoly on it, all three in this category have some access to boon removal.


So, with maybe a little fiddling, this could give us:


Red/Orange: Generally pretty much pure damage, usually in a bursty form mostly focusing on conditions damage-wise, and damage-boosting support.

Yellow: Tanks.

Green: Second damage option, but brings different conditions, and often the source of mechanic-specific utilities.

Blue: Primarily defensive support - healing, damage reduction, condition removal.

Indigo/Violet: Mobility (including portals), unique utility, trickery, boon removal.


Now, this is pretty much all academic musings with little practical purpose, but it is interesting to consider some of the colour coding in the game. For instance, healing is almost always blue even if it's on a profession which otherwise mostly avoids that colour.

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