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NA LF Late night EST/PST group to play with


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Hello, my name is Ridgy I started playing GW2 a month and a half ago. I have a max level necro and guardian, each with full exotic condi/power sets. I typically play from 8-12 MST so I am looking for a group of late night east cost people or a west coast group to game with. I am interested in all the play modes, WvW, PvP, Raids, Fractals, Strikes, etc. I am not experienced in GW2 but I am long time WoW player and know what it takes to research class/be prepared for content. I am ultimately looking for people who just want to have fun and game though. I consider myself pretty good at games but don't want to a part of an elitist culture. 


If there is a group or individual that plays at this time please reach out via discord: Ridgy#7457 or in game: ridgy.4208 (discord pref). Even if you only focus on one part of endgame I am interested in hearing from you!

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