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[EU][WvW] Surging Malice - [Srge] is recruiting! (Small scale/ havoc/ roaming)


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Surging Malice [Srge] is a small guild with about 3 active members doing mostly small scale / roaming / havoc-ish type group. We are currently on Fort Ranik, but we move around to find good fights. We're pretty chill overall but still serious about the fights.


We like taking on bigger groups with a coordinated group of about 3-5 people and are looking for maybe 1-2 more to join our core group. Recent comps have included:


-Condi Renegade

- Support Tempest

- Condi Firebrand

-Support Firebrand

-varying 5th slot.


We are primarily looking for someone interested in playing Condition Firebrand but interest in or experience with any of the classes listed is a benefit. Though as they are all (Outside of support FB) very rare, experience with these specific builds is not a requirement. Flexibility to adapt to a changing game and a willingness to change what build you play is however important.


Requirements & info:

-Have Teamspeak & Discord Be willing to communicate & work as a team.

-Be willing to discuss and (if needed) change your build to make it fit with the current comp.

-Be willing to adapt & take constructive criticism.

-Be chill & don't be a kitten.

-LGBT+ friendly guild


When do we play? There's no set times or anything we just go when people want to / are online. Often that's between 17 - 24 (Server time).


Contact:If that sounds like your sort of thing you can contact us either on discord (preferred) or in game (often logged in but afk, send a mail or try discord if you didn't get an answer).

Discord:  Cevni#6666 IGN:  Cevni.2049 (guild leader)

You can take a look at our usual gameplay here (youtube)


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