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What’s the best use for experience boosters? I know there is many types I kind of feel like they are away to take up bank space because that’s where mine sit.

But anyways  how and when do you use them? Leveling a new character? While crafting? Doing pvp? Mastery tracks?

I have a bunch of different types sitting in my bank from over the years and I want to know the optimal way to use them. Whenever I do use one I feel like I waste them.


also do you ever buy them off the gem store? If so when and why?  

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I have six years worth of boosters sitting in my bank LOL. I keep thinking "I'll use them for something important".   And then I forget them 😅. I found the ones that boost your crafting very useful for leveling the crafting disciplines. And the WvW ones (while doing the gift of battle as a purely PVE player 😄). Occasionally I use XP boosters while leveling.  I also like the karma boosters - provided I don't forget to bring them with me ;).


The one kind of booster I use constantly are the birthday celebration boosters (or whatever they are called), since I have so many of them (I have a lot of characters) and promised myself to keep using them from now on.  Nowadays whenever leveling gives me a booster I use it immediately. No reason to stack even more in the bank lol.

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I'd say either WvW or filling up Mastery tracks via open-world PvE (when you already have the Mastery points to unlock several tiers, but not the XP to progress the bar. Many of the good ones incorporate a killstreak bonus in addition to their flat bonus, so in that case big-group stuff like zerging or doing the map meta is ideal.


(N.B. For Masteries, the easy alternative is to do the relevant area's map completion with a second character.)


If you burn some crappy boosters while leveling, that's fine, but the game gives you tons of instant levels via Tomes and birthday Scrolls. I have literally 1000 levels worth of tomes just sitting in my bank.

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I'm another one who is terrible at using boosters because I always think I should save them for when I really need them, and then they mostly just sit in my bank unused.


XP boosters I sometimes use on low level characters, but recently I've been using them in WvW because I want to make the legendary backpack and at some point the armour so I need to get my rank up (and get a bunch of other stuff). Karma boosters I use during Wintersday because there's a lot of activities which give lots of karma. Heroic boosters or item boosters I try to remember to use when doing meta events with lots of drops.


All the others I need to figure out a use for, because they just sit in my bank and some of them have been there for years.

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