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[Suggestion] One way to make Festivals more attractive for veterans and new players

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Anet devs, here is one easy way to make people stop hating the company whenever a Festival came up (and might make you look good on your annual review with your supervisor).

Please bring the old achievements back once a year per festival. A lot of us starts after HoT or PoF, and missed all of the good all days.

You can just bring 1 category back per festival, ie Blood and Madness 2013 this October, Blood and Madness 2014 next year October, A Very Merry Wintersday '12 this December and so on.

Heck, even charge us 1000 gems (or 2000 or 3000) to whoever wants to have those achievement categories, we will be happy to throw our credit cards at you.

Doing this will surely increase the players participating in the festivals as well.

Idk how to add picture, so here is the Reddit link to the achievement category that can be used.



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If there are achievements that can no longer be obtained (I have not looked at the list; my browser is tossing up flags), but they could be brought back for festivals, I might not be opposed to the idea, but...

You propose this as a way to get people to "stop hating the company" when a festival comes up which a) I know plenty of people who either still enjoy the festivals after years or just keep playing normally when they come up, so I'm not sure what % of the playerbase hates ANet for them, b) charging gems for old achievements would probably cause more discontent, and c) once the old achievements are obtained, what is to stop the "hate" people from being just as upset the next year?

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Bringing back old achieves is usually welcome, however I would not pay for it.  I tend to view the festivals as a fun yearly thing, and if I miss content oh well.  I would rather see new rewards rotated each year and something to buy with my tickets besides the sovereign skins...I like the two new minis ❤️

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