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Matchmaking - Anet put some blind amoeba to make it?


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10 hours ago, Filip.7463 said:

Naru s alt is near 1800, btw why they mustnt have alts to play rank for fun on them instead of tryharding?

I'm generally against alts and smurfing, but it's basically a necessity for some players at this point. The population is so thin now that matchmaking is unreliable and the terrible current bunker meta has driven away so many knowledgeable players that the overall skill and knowledge level has diminished so much. There are a few select hours where you can get normal games, other than that matchmaking is a pure bingo.

Every high level PvP streamer is getting frustrated with games nowadays, even when they're already on alts where they don't care about their rating. Even reasonably level-headed guys are losing their minds some matches. I don't blame any of them for needing alts to have a gameplay experience where they don't have to care about rank, and even then there's many games that kitten them off because of how terrible they are.

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2 hours ago, Guirssane.7082 said:

Smurfing is always cringe in competitive games but I can see why they do it in gw2

U smurf in other games to get rewards. In gw2 u smurf to have some fun with plebs down there but in 20 games u stop getting gold opponents. Naru is a streamer, if he streams unrank no one will watch that. He streams both main and alt matches - its more chill to play on alt cuz u dont care about rating there, if u want streamer to stream for multiple hours a day.

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