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Legendary Trinkets


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to Anet, are you done with Legendary Trinkets ? or will the be any new trinket in the future ? I already have Aurora and Conflux, and currently working on Vision and the "Season of Dragon"  amulet, so I wonder if Anet has any plan to introduce more legendary  trinkets in various game mode as options.....

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It wouldn't hurt if they added more options. I won't craft the current accessories because the effects cannot be toggled. I'll either wait for that to change or I might get any upcoming ones instead. Either way, I don't care, to be honest, as ascended trinkets are so easy to come by these days.


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7 hours ago, AlexndrTheGreat.8310 said:

Seeing that there’s already a legendary amulet from PvP, but they’re also adding one in PvE with Season of the Dragon, I’d say that’s a good indication that they’d still add more legendary trinkets.

That's my thinking too. We're getting 1 'duplicate' legendary trinket so it seems reasonable to expect there will be more in future. Personally I'd like them to get to a point where (like armour and backpacks) there's a PvE, PvP and WvW option for each slot. (I suppose technically there's duplicate rings as well since it's possible to equip Conflux twice.)


But it could be years before they're all released. If I was planning to make legendary trinkets now I'd decide what to make based on the options available rather than waiting for one which might possibly be better, but that includes skipping ones where the current option isn't worth the hassle for me.

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