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Can I Beat Liadri with Core and Exotics?


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I'm not sure of the specifics for the professions listed, but I can tell you players were able to beat her before the elite specs or ascended weapons and armour existed, so yes it is possible.


The Gauntlet was originally introduced in August 2013, the game's 1st anniversary and just over 2 years before HoT was released and the first elite specs were added. It was also shortly before ascended weapons and armour were introduced so at most players would have had ascended trinkets and a lot didn't even have those.


Other than the addition of some more bosses after Liadri and some additional achievements I can't see any mention of the Gauntlet being rebalanced in the patch notes for any of the times it's returned, and it seems unlikely Anet would update it to require ascended equipment and not tell players.

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51 minutes ago, greedywholesome.9081 said:

Was wondering if she's beatable with a core engie or core necro or core ele or maybe core burn guard.


Exotic gear? Most definitely. I did the 8-orbs achievement on a thief with exotic gear in 2018.


As to core professions, I don't know, because I believe the encounter has been altered since the days when the festival was out and there were no elite spec. Thief should be doable - not sure about the others.


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I would say that it highly depend on your mastery of both your profession and the encounter.


You can take what is believed as the most OP build on the most OP profession and yet get reckt by the lady if you have no clue about what to do.


On another hand, If you understand well your build and the encounter, you can use any spec to beat it.


Personally I'd recommend you to look at some videos of the encounter and then decide on a build accordingly.


NB: Out of the 4 professions listed, I'd say core guardian have the best tools to help you win.

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Thank you all for the advice. I pvp a lot and understand that with Liadri, speed, stun break and stability is critical. I also have core mesmer. Silly having both xpacs and not having any of the elites unlocked in pve. 


I'll try on guard. Ive seen the vids. Not wanting to use any OP build, just get enough dps and stun breaks i guess. 

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I beat her finally on a core build. Now Im having issues with Turai Ossa. 


I have the expacs and pvp a lot but like an idiot, I left the reward track on the Glorious Armor that gives no hero points. 


Is Turai killable on exotic, core builds PVE?


I'd love to hear your feedback as you all seem so experienced with this 

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