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Hi there,

I did not get the mystic coin on the ley line anomaly event for the second time today. It happened to me yesterday as well.

I'm playing with my lvl 40 thief character and before I hit lvl 40 I was getting the Mystic coins. But since yesterday I have not got it anymore so I dont know if its because I hit lvl 40 or because of some other bug but I'd like to be able to do the ley line with this character to lvl up and get the mystic coin.

Thanks for your assistance in this

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Have you been using this character to farm do that event and only that event?  There’s diminish returns for characters where if you have a character who only farms one event or boss, you’ll stop getting loot after awhile. The only solution is to take that character and have then do some other things for a bit or bring in another character. 

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