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The Dragon Banner Experience 2021 ...


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To be fair DB is a defensive tactic, you are not supposed to take advantage of it outside of the a reasonable defensive area, just like the rest of the tower and keep tactics.

Some time ago we used to see players using DB to siege other structures.

But yeah I feel that, I had the experience today of using it to defend the EB keep, just to discover that the enemy zerg was in reality a karma train and they never came back.

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Yeah, the last change is not bad, but needs improvement (in my opinion). The fact that the range has been limited to an object and thus territorially, is something you can come to terms with. Why not?! 🙂

However, how understaffed or overburdened (priorities or not) can or may one be (@ANet), in order to make not additional changes (see suggestion below), of which many would possibly say: "Yes, that was a good change (firstly), especially thought through to the end (secondly)". Are they so devoid of ideas or does they simply want to keep the effort as low as possible? I don't get it, and I don't want to.

So, what if, for example, ANet had gone and made it possible to DROP the banner (symbolically visible on the map, similar to siege weapons) without losing it completely, so that it could be picked up again? The timer of the banner would continue to run as normal and then disappear. Taking this idea further, they could even make the banner destroyable (again, similar to siege weapons), i.e. if a player places it in an inconvenient place (within the belonging object, ...), the opponent could destroy it.

Just don't be surprised, accept it (such changes) and be happy about the little bit that was changed. The (well-known) drop in the ocean, isn't it? 😂

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