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Can't continue Be My Guest

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I had to log out during Be My Guest earlier, but when I tried to pick up where I left off in that instance I end up being sent right to the beginning instead. There is no option when I approach the story icon that allows me to continue from a checkpoint


I just submitted a ticket and hoping for a fix

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There is no bug to fix beacuse that mission never had checkpoints to begin with. 

If that was a good or bad decision on Anet's part (it was bad), that's another discussion, but you wasted support's time by sending that ticket.

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The story instance does in fact have checkpoints.  The problem here is that the purple star that let's you replay it for achievements doesn't go away when you progress to it while replaying it and it overrides the ability to continue on where you left off.  So indeed, there is a bug here and very annoying one if you happen to disconnect or have to restart it for an achievement or some such.

Submitted a bug report in game as well.

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