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How to get a massive pvp?


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The colors you select are the maps, sorted by home map based on the color of the 3 different "teams". Red is the desert border, green and blue are the alpine border and Eternal Battleground is the central border.


The "team" you are on is the server you chose at the start and unrelated to other choices.


Your best bet is to get to know your server community, if they use discord or teamspeak, put commanders on your friendslist to see when they are on and potentially leading and eventually get a feel for when activity happens on your server. A start would be to ask in map chat (/m) or team chat (/t) for these details.

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The simplest way I use to find a group for World vs World is to go into any of the maps during the weekend or evening in the server's part of the world and then write in Team chat "Are there any open tags?". Team is shared across all the WvW maps so even if someone is in a different map they can see it and answer. Even if there isn't a group I can join without an invite someone will usually let me know about active maps. (I've only ever played World vs World on Desolation so I can't be completely sure this works on all servers, but I'd be surprised if it's that different.)


Otherwise I just watch Team chat for people calling out areas which need support or are especially busy or I go between the maps looking to find a group myself. The downside to doing this is it's hard to spot activity from within the base (where you first enter the map) because nothing will be happening there so you've got to have a bit of experience with WvW to spot based on the map markers when something is happening. One option is to look for nearby camps which are about to become available to attack - one player can take over a camp on their own but if they're close to your base you'll often find a few people gathering to take it down, and that can be the start of a bigger group.

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16 hours ago, Kima.3780 said:

I know GW2 has realm vs realm but every time I get into one, select one of the 3 colors so I get into that team.

Your team is always your server. The different colors are maps, and each reset they're assigned to different servers. Your "home map" is the one that starts you in the big keep. Others are enemy home maps and Eternal Battlegrounds is a map that sits in the middle, meaning no one can have a "home" there. 

So you can't choose a team, you can just go to that team's map, but your "team" is always your server.

16 hours ago, Kima.3780 said:

But there are empty, is usually me just going to another base and see npcs.

It's the festival probably, not many people playing WvW right now. Other than that, inquire about your server's Discord, and active times, and you'll see when there's commanders around. The best times are always right after reset Friday night and throughout the weekend. You might have to wait in a queue. 

16 hours ago, Kima.3780 said:

Is there a secret to get into a high populated wvw map?

Ask in team chat if there's any open tags, or join a WvW guild (there's all kinds, roaming, fight, zerg), and play WvW with them when they are on. And as mentioned, each server usually has its own discord, you can join and see who's playing etc. 

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