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Channeled Agony bugged for ~2 years now

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1 hour ago, Linken.6345 said:

It was changed awhile ago not a bug mate.



Pretty sure what you describe was a bug since why would a skill fire off when you havent finished casting it?

Siege weapons like the Mortars, Catapults and Trebuchets use the same mechanic to influence how far you can shoot the payload  and i'm quite sure that's intentional 😛 And yes, i remember the downed skill working as OP described, and asked myself the same thing when it changed. The ability to fire it off prematurely at the cost of getting fewer foes caught in the blast) can make the difference between rallying and biting the dust in some cases (and did so for me sometimes), and i didn't quite understand why the devs would remove that bit of control over the ability when it worked perfectly fine beforehand 🤔

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switched "more" with "fewer", stupid me
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