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Amazing Blog post Anet :D


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Honestly just wanted to take a moment to say that blog post was great.


Super informative and just over all brilliant.


I know it seems lame congratulating over a blog post, but it's been great to see such regular updates and feeling more informed on where the companies general vision is and how they're looking to change things.


If you have been with the game for a while you know that it hasn't always been this way. 


So I wanted to make a post to show my appreciation on the efforts that's been made to inform the player base on plans/changes and just vision for the game. 


Because I don't know how else to show it. I assume someone maybe reading through the threads who works at Anet, maybe, maybe not. But thank you for the effort and you're doing a great job 😄 


It's great to be optimistic about GW2 again 🙂

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