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Anet should PROBABLY take sPvP into account for the upcoming WvW matching

Master Ketsu.4569

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So one thing I noticed when reading:


Is that there is no mention of sPvP rankings taken into account for WvW. This could potentially be a very big mistake that may result in a lot of rage quitting.

What's the problem? The issue is sPvP skill generally translates very highly into skill in WvW. And there are a handful of guilds, one of which I am in, that generally expect everyone to be Gold III at worst and play at platinum level consistently.  I suspect a lot of people do not really get just how big the gap in skill is between someone consistently somewhere between sPvP Plat~Legendary and your average casual WvW player. The problem comes down to one of the biggest differences in skill between your average WvWer and the average 1500+ sPvPer is that plat+ players tend to be very very good at not dying.

What this means is they generally have a good sense of what skills do what, what to watch out for, when to go in / not to go in, and have a keen sense of when they are being targeted. So in the WvW skirmish of 100 plat+ players vs an organized 100 WvW guild-of-friends, the team of sPvP lads could probably be half drunk, be completely uncoordinated,  playing random jank builds they ported half a**edly from sPvP... and they would probably still roflstomp the WvW guild 100-0. Because they won't f***ing die.  It will feel to the WvW guilds as if they fighting against a bunch of deranged hyenas playing random builds  with random strategies that they have never seen...yet somehow all of them have DBZ Ultra Instinct and thus cannot be killed. It will likely be their most confusing and demoralizing experience since their start of playing GW2.

As much "fun" as this might be for those of us on the sPvP side of this hypothetical matchup, I have to call it out. Not taking sPvP average rankings into account when matching guilds has the potential to lead to quite a few uninstallations. Not good when an expansion is on the Horizon. Would also likely result in more than one thread popping up accusing an entire guild of hacking. Simple way to fix this is to snip it in the bud before it becomes  a problem. An entire guild of 1500+ sPvP Hyenas is something that WvW casuals -in an ideal matchmaking- should never be allowed to even know exists, much less have to fight against. 


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I get where you are comming from but it feels a bit superfluous. Like you say, players good in sPvP are also likely to be good in WvW, but there should be ample WvW measures to deem that by.


SPvP also sits in a rather interesting place at the moment. There has always been more overlap between WvW and sPvP than people give it credit. However, it was arguably more true in the past that good sPvPers also dipped into high-end WvW (or that was more likely than vice versa) whereas today the sPvP population is so low that it is arguably the other way around. There are quite alot of players in the AT teams these days that used to be WvW'ers first and foremost.

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I think being good in PvP only translates into being a good roamer.  Large scale fights are a different animal.  So many roamers get a big head in WvW since they don’t realize they are dueling zerg builds most of the time.  Since you talked about survivability it sounds like your group may run selfish roaming builds.  DPS zerg builds give up mobility, condition clears, stun breaks, health, etc. to contribute more in large scale fights.  

Snowflake builds with defensive stats and high mobility or stealth are just leeches.  Anyone can use such a build to avoid deaths in large scale fights.  Yet so many people run these builds and don’t realize how little they actually contribute.


That said PvP does make you a better player.  It has way more intense action so you can learn and play a class well in less time.  Small scale fights  also require better knowledge of a class.  Large scale fights just require a different skill set.

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