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An Earnest Suggestion for Capybaras to be the Next Miniature Collection

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I will structure my suggestion to developers and design artists of this game to include the wonderful animal and nature that is capybaras into three categories.

A: Coconut Doggies
They are unbelievably serene creatures, they eat plant matter and live most of their life by, or in water. They only mate in water as well. There are dozens of pictures online of capybaras just straight chilling with other animals like ducks or dogs. They don't care, they're just vibing. Speaking of vibing:

B: Okay I Pull Up
They have already made their impact into western meme culture and would be a popular pick amongst many players in the community. Guilds are already being created just for the sole purpose of sponsoring the amazing naturalist citizenry that is capybaras. I feel like it would encourage players (especially me) to unlock a majority of my black lion chests along with paying for them on the market.

C: Asian Animals
They fit well with the theme of the next expansion: End of Dragons! Although they are primarily present in south American regions, they are also featured in around 59 (!!!) parks in Japan! I feel like if there was ever a time to introduce this wonderful creature, it would be during the magnum opus of Guild Wars as a series: End of Dragons!

Thank you, I look forward to constructive feedback from the community along with feverous support to help introduce these wonderful guinea pigs to the world Tyria!

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I really like capybaras, but I will give you a friendly warning that what you want might not be what you get. For example, look at the turtles, armadillos, jerboa, and unicorns that emerged on the other side of the Tyrian translator. Anything goes. The gamble could be disastrous.

Would you take this risk with your beloved friend-shaped lazybeasts?

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