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So when are Anet actually going to start banning the players botting in WvW?


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Yes there are the ones abusing the obvious hacks, some using more subtle hacks (permanent crits etc) but there are also the ones who spend the whole time using macros to stay active by running into walls - you see the same offenders repeatedly and they are preventing other players from benefitting from outnumbered boosts and also causing maps to be full stopping legitimate players participating?


Anet says it will dedicate resources to WvW but they are not addressing the existing issues and the last time WvW got a significant update (ignoring the Edge of the Mists drivel) they scrapped the existing Borderlands that people liked and replaced them with the crappy desert ones that are too large and a pain in the kitten to navigate.


And now we are getting alliances... I play predominantly on a PUG server/time zone combination and I loathe the guild meta - stand in aoes clumped up because ANet nerfed aoes, about a year after launch, to only affect a limited number of targets in the area whilst group heals and buffs can effectively ignore the damage and, with no friendly fire so you can charge into the area that you are nuking, the whole experience is crap. I can't help thinking that this update is going to be utter shite!

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About how many bots per server are we talking about? I have knowledge of two famous bots on my server and I always see them running around doing camps, sentries and dying to most enemies, so they do not cause any harm to anyone unless you have the bad luck to find them together or followed by actual players. But that's all. And considering Anet whispers players to check if they are bots, considering also they've been receiving many reports about those two, including mine, it is safe to assume they simply don't care or they, for some reason, allow it.

Are there other servers that are filled with bots to cause queue issues?

26 minutes ago, Archangel.3508 said:

the whole experience is crap

Well, for you. Considering how popular stacked blobs are is safe to assume a vast number of players like it. You wouldn't take non-stacked enemies anyway because each player has two supports.

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1 hour ago, Archangel.3508 said:

 but there are also the ones who spend the whole time using macros to stay active by running into walls -

You don't need a macro to run into walls.

Simply click the button you assigned to run and do it onto a wall or spawn.......and then go BIO or stretch or (whatever irl thing needs attention)

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