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How to confirm I am playing the expansion?


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Go to guildwars2.com (or click the top left link on this forum), account, log on. Right at the home screen it will tell you all your active expansions. If it's there you got it. The game client has all expansions installed, the question is what's active on your account.

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2 hours ago, jgq.3789 said:

Latest expansion I have is Heart of Thrones. However I download/install the game and I'm not sure if I'm on Heart of Thrones. How can I tell that? It doesn't say Heart of thrones in my GW2 application. 

  1. Heart of Thorns, not Thrones.
  2. Open your Journal tab in the Hero Panel and see what you have unlocked and what you haven't. It will also show which story content you are currently playing.
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