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Game-Mode dependent Graphics Profile


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This topics probably been bought up a few time, but i just thought i'd mention it again, with WvW World Restructuring and upcoming DirectX11 engine updates, it might be relevent again.
It would be nice if we have game-mode specific graphics profiles options.
Example If i Press F11 Options > Graphics tab. I should like the option to save settings depending on if im PVE as opposed to when im in WVW.
PVE i would have more detailed objects whereas when im in WvW i would like to be focussed on performance.

Regardless of whether the DX11 update will increase performance, its a network based game with 100s of players bashing into eachother.... its never going to be lagless.
But i think having the option to automatically toggle graphics settings would be hugely beneficial.

It could be in the form of have 3 Profiles we can configure and quick swap to. (maybe have it remember your last selected profile similar to how it remember your equipment loadouts).
Or it could be 3 specific configurable profiles for the modes, when in PVE changing the settings will have no effect on the profile for when youre in wvw etc.

Any thoughts? I just find it very tedious swapping settings around, as someone who enjoys all game modes.

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Since there is pretty much only 1 setting that's relevant (player model count) I dont see a huge advantage to it, but then again I dont see any drawbacks for having specific settings in each mode. GW2 already has a design that doesnt require you to restart the game for most settings changes, unlike many other games.

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