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Issues with Current UI size.

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Greetings. The issue i wish to talk about is not something i experienced myself but as i am trying to help a new player. This Player in question is visually impaired. So they can play the game but they do require bigger UI to be able to see everything they need. The issue being is that since they are on Fullscreen mode on a 2560X1440p Monitor even on the Largest Setting the UI is still to small for them to fully see everything they need. I know when the game first came out i don't think 2560x1440p was even a thing. So i understand how a issue like this can happen. Overall The only thing i can think of telling them is to play the game in a smaller resolution. 


Thanks for anybody who does respond. I am only writhing this myself do to it being a new player and i want them to have a good early game experience to stick around. I don't think they even know about this forum.  

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Well its quite simple, the game wasn't designed for those resolutions and they need to play at something smaller. Half of that is 1280x720 which is literally just 720p, so just set that resolution and they won't have any blurriness, though the text will have some aliasing that's about it I think.


The game also supports DPI scaling, if you adjust it in the operating system, then enable in options. However this changes how the whole system behaves so isn't ideal for some players.

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