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Basic WvW Zerg/Blob Commands

Jalad Lantana.3027

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I have been trying to get into WvW running with zerg groups/squads, but I don't know the lingo. I hear things like "Empower, Range spike, Wells, Bubble, etc.).


I found one video but don't know if it covers it all. 


Can someone lay out and explain all the commands WvW leaders commonly use these days or point me to a resource that does?


Also I have a Mesmer, Guardian, Warrior, Ranger, and Necro, which ones are currently the most desirable in organized WvW?



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Of the classes you listed I would say Guardian is your best bet. Support Chrono requires more preemptive battlefield awareness due to the use of portal and veil and boon rips as well without potentially unwanted effects (mistimed scourge boon corrupt may result in free boons for the enemy). Spellbreaker needs more positioning after Defense was nerfed ; if you don't run full minstrel it isn't that tanky in WVW anymore as a result.

Of course, the most powerful WvW spec right now is scrapper. Quickness uptime is exceedingly high right now on scrappers and superspeed + stealth gyro are quite impactful , probably on par with stability.

If you're new to WVW and have other classes I would not play ranger. It is sort of a meme to play ranger, most of them are not using immob soulbeast builds and just pew-pewing on longbow. It also is rather troll to stay unmerged on soulbeast and have the pet hanging around when people try to blast smoke fields.

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Also bear in mind terms will vary by group and server. That's been an interesting social experiment with the various server links to see all the different terms people do use, not just for combat but how they refer to objectives, tag colors/types and a number of other things. Aka, plan on learning by group and find good resources in the group you are in to gather local insight. Good hunting!

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12 hours ago, DanAlcedo.3281 said:

I would switch mesmer with Ele. 

My reasoning is that an organized group probably has their mesmers already set up, and probably won't trust pugs to be timing their illusions or other stuff properly, while taking an extra tempest is usually pretty easy to make use of.

For the classes on the upper half of list, they tend to just work fine by pressing buttons so many a squad just takes you just by merely running the correct spec.

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