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i was furious (feedback) i think this is the right place (bug report) because this design can't be intended


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I'm in the process of finishing my storyline and I'm now at the part where I have to do dragon response missions. but this is ridiculous.
the amount of mobs and their health, this is far from fun.
I don't know who came up with this but that guy won't play the game himself. it seems like these missions are made for the best dpssers of snow crows. I as a casual waste way too much time with it. i just did the thunderhead peaks drm, it took 46 minutes. this is ridiculous, i joined as a solo to a public match in the hope it will be faster then soloing. but you run into people who are new to the game and don't even accept the party invite and just mess around. became boss at the end is so angry I rarely have that I get so angry. I threw more than 15 spears at the boss, I was there as a condition guardian. the amount of interruptions is a serious problem. I threw spears every time until they ran out and the breakbar wouldn't go away. every time I got close to the boss he would run away or I would be interrupted. you really can't call this a pleasure. I don't mind if I have to make an effort, but deliberately making me so furious by continuously interrupting me when I want to do dps is not normal. it is like doing a challenge mode on your own. it needs to be scaled. the whole battlefield was full of mobs. no time to kill them all they come back before they die. the breakbar only was away 2 times i think, but then i was not able to do damage because of the interruptions to me and i was nearly dead. 

(i translated the whole post because i had to calm down so i made it easyer for myself)

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Public mode scales for 5 players, the less competent and familiar those players are with the mission the more difficult it can end up being.

If you create a private instance and go into the mission alone they will scale for a single player so you can do the missions solo in a much easier environment than public, I recommend this for your first time so you can experience each mission at your own pace.

That said from my own experience playing public with a group is generally quicker most of the time when repeating the missions for rewards, achievements etc.

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DRMs are the second  worst content in the game (only being beaten by Dragonstorm, which comes directly are the DRMs),

but the Thunderhead Peaks DRM stands out even among that.


But as far as I am aware, it's working as intended, even if the design is horrible.

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3 hours ago, Desaita.3792 said:


imagine being such a dirt bag that you blame innability to do endgame content on the competence of a new player. The developers should be taking into account that new players want to play the expansion upon release and develop content suitable for new players and old players. 


the glaring problem here is that anet is actively marketing endgame content to new players and should be including optional introductory content for the players who try to play the expansion.

So players should not have to play through game to learn all future releases should have tutorial areas for new players?

Do you hear how messed up that sounds?

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I can understand the anger. This game used to be fun but that changed. Now it is designed to frustrate the players and not for them to enjoy. The LWS impossible bosses (for some classes), the constant knock downs and stuns thrown out even by trash mobs, the endless nerf patches, the long wait and non response to fix game breaking bugs, the super grind and farming time for mounts and even racetracks are not spared. They give you a speed boost and then placed an obstacle very near in front to stop you totally. If frustrations are considered as challenges and fun, yes this game is full of it 👍

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