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Bought the 50E collection, and nothing happened...


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Hello guys.


I've purchased the game a long time ago, phyisical copy, and I just returned. So, naturally, I decided to upgrade. Bought the End of Dragons digital 50E collection. Paid, but nothing happened. No codes were sent to me nor did I see anything relevant on the "thx for your purchase page"

Any of you had this happen to them? 


EDIT: FIgured it out. Apparently there is a maintenance going on, and while that is active, they cannot process new orders.

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I think I have a similar problem bought the heart of fire pack with the Prime offer but received no serial codes, I got emails telling me to use the serial codes listed below but there were no visible codes, submitted a ticket now just waiting, I can still log into base game just no sign of my new codes.

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