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Best starting styles for the Necromancer?


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Exotic "Named Armor" is very cheap on the Trading Post, and is generally the thing we advise most fresh level 80s to start with. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Named_armor For light-armor classes it will have the look of Seer armor (see link). "Zhed's" armor pieces with Berserker stats is likely to be your best bet for basic "do lots of damage very fast in PvE" reasons.

A very cheap base for "I'M A NECRO!!!" necro looks is Dry Bones armor — you can get the skins for a tiny amount of karma from various core map Heart vendors. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dry_Bones_armor

My recommendation for browsing looks in general is to go to this page on the wiki, clilck your specific character's species+gender, and then look at the gallery — focus on the Loot, Karma, and Orders categories for the easiest-to-get stuff; tier 1 cultural is also reasonable affordable. (Note that a lot of these will give you items with weak stats, but that doesn't matter because you just want the skin unlocks.)

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Being new, you probably don't have the gold for it yet, but you should buy up all the cheap unlocked skins, dyes, and minis on the trading post. Then when you get a Wardrobe, Armor, or Weapon Unlock (gemstore items), save it until you've already bought the cheap stuff.

You can use this site to help figure out what gets unlocked via those items. You will need an API key. Look that up on the wiki.


GW2Efficiency is also a good tool. Again, needs an API key.



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