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[Request] Add Koda's Flame as an unlockable Staff skin


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Would you like to see Koda's Flame as an unlockable Staff skin?  While only available as a bundle, the detail and aesthetic of the temporary weapon are quite good and would certainly be at home in the hands of no few casters (and the occasional stick-twirler).


As such, this is a request to include the bundle -- in both it's kindled and unlit states, for greater player customization -- as unlockable weapon skins for staves, as this is the default stance used for the bundle.  Obtaining the skins could then be as simple as trading Fresh Winterberries and some Unbound Magic to one of the Kodan on Sorrow's Eclipse, which could then be applied to any equipped staff.


Alternatively, this could be proper a staff-type weapon, using the same attribute combination as other items obtainable from Renown Heart vendors (+Toughness, +Vitality, +Healing).

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