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[NA]Returning casual player looking for guild

Dr Pookie.9628

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   I have recently decided to commit some time back into GW2. I will probably be putting in 5-8 hours a week. I currently don't have the expansions but will probably end up caving and buying them. 


I played at launch and hit the level cap. However I logged in the other day (my character celebrated his 9tj birthday!) and I don't remember a thing! I'm playing a guardian and currently trying to remember all the ins and outs of the game. I enjoy helping others out and exploring the world! I may end up creating a new character to try to get my footing back in the game. 


I remember I enjoyed doing dungeons back in the day. Other then that, I don't remember much else 🙂 if you are willing to put up with a fast learning and dedicated player drop me a line!


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.



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