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Hey all!


Longtime player with multiple accounts. Been in and out of the WvW and GvG's for most of my time in GW2. First, I love everything about the WvW changes you're making, and I'm excited for the future! I did have some suggestions that I'd personally love to see. 

You've made my favorite game of all time. Thank you, and all the loves your way!


New Barricades: I'd love to see some barricades atop all WvW structures that limits the range of AoE attacks from below (to a certain extent) but still allow those on top to have full range without interference. These barricades would obviously need to be easily killed by player skills, in addition to siege. Once destroyed, the wall would perform at it's current state where AoE can bathe the top entirely. 

Reasoning: Feels like the defender should have some sort of advantage, being atop the wall and on the high ground. Also adds something for the "Door-Knocking Pugs" to attack whenever knocking on empty structures and they're waiting for the door to open. Which leads me to my next suggestion..


More Interactivity With Environment: Something I feel that's a little lacking is the ability for the ability to "interact" and "destroy" the world I'm in. Only walls, gates, and siege can currently be destroyed. But if there were more structures with health bars, and some that the player skills could effective take out, it would make the world feel more alive and interactable. Things that could be destroyed: The supply hut covering, staircase banister in SM, trees, ruins, statues, banners/guild flags, luxury items that can purchased for the keep for aesthetic purposes only after it is fully upgraded, little shops set up inside keeps after extended periods of non-aggression with food/blueprints, ect..


WvW Stacks: Yes, Guard Stacks were taken away, and I totally agree that they were overpowered. But instead of combat stat increases, how about Magic and Gold find increases? This would encourage players to play longer and would reward players that are better and can remain alive without giving them a further combat advantage. (Also, player stacks would give "bragging rights" to players, and again, increase play time and retention)

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