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Can we please Remove Revenge of the Capricorn?

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Doesn't need to be removed, however it is far too big in my opinion. Builds with low mobility are handicapped so heavy, i have 75% winrate this season and i have like 20% in capricorn since i play guard and i just have the gs leap and swiftness. I also don't like spending half the game walking from a point to the other alone or not being able to move at all knowing if i do somebody with more mobility will just decap.

I'm sure more mobile classes will like it instead, but right now it is a bit too unbalanced in that regard in my opinion.

Also, as somebody pointed out already, it's very easy to zone the enemy team out completely after a wipe, which is a fairly bad thing for this game's pvp.

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On 9/14/2021 at 2:10 AM, Genesis.5169 said:

No, but lemme put in my two cents too.


When you say there is no room for strategic play when bell comes, just because you say it doesn't mean its true. Seems like you just got your pants beaten off in the map because no one rotated to bell so now you wanna destroy the bell.


Typical pvp posters....

I wish people would stop but they aren't just keep on requesting and offering advice from only the perspective of yourself and make sure you only use examples of bad games where you lose.


As a side node i love how the forums loves to talk about how unbalanced a game is weather its a map or a class when they lose but if they win silence, move on OP with your life sometimes you lose and nothing can be done about it please stop coming to the forums to try to win games before the game boots, you cannot get wins here on the forums. No matter how many ways you try to get the game tailored to you, its not gonna make you better because theres another player on other side, this isn't PvE where its all scripted.




@Genesis.5169 I gave insight on how the map can be fixed, not just a complete and utter removal of the map...put that in my title mostly for clickbait (even if i was half serious). You and I both know that Automated Tournaments, pre-assembled teams, will have a lesser issues with the map compared to random pug ranked games.

Asking advice isn't needed because I know exactly what I'm talking about and I'm surprised you're not on the same page. Skyhammer's jump pads is atrocious and has to be fixed too but at least that map doesn't have a team-broken buff mechanic. Yes, Capricorn's Bell mechanic can get intense for both teams but when you play 400 games in a season, predicting correctly which team is going to win the game before the round even starts, you'll start to see what I've been experiencing every season.

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Capricorn's Bell is seriously the biggest troll - we have to keep our eyes on while capping and not getting wiped. If you're bell hungry, high mobility works and pray your teammates give you a hand if you at least have a point or 2 capped. 


If entire pug team is going for bell with nothing capped, basic pattern recognition will dictate how the game will end like what OP Saiyan said on the post directly above mine

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