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Started happening out of nowhere, I've been logging in daily for the past month.


Error code 7:1000:7006:462.


I haven't changed anything at all since last night when everything was fine.


I'm already running on Google's DNS, just tried changing to CloudFlare's DNS and no difference.

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Just an update: 

9 out of 10 times I can't connect to the login server, and it'll just timeout in the launcher.


1 out of 10 times I CAN connect, and launch the game.


But I'll jam at the loading screen. 


First, the loading screen will NOT show map achievements (POIs / Vistas / Etc).

It'll take at least 1-3 minutes for the map achievements to show up...


Then I'll be stuck on the map loading screen for at least 5-10min, at which point of time the game will time out and close itself.

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