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Master points issuses

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Not sure who I need to complain to but I have major issues first I am a SOLO player I hate playing with others I like doing everything SOLO in my book you should not have to join a guild or be with friends to play any online games at all. That being said I am pissed beyond pissed at how hard it is to get the master points over in POF How can I get to where I need to go if I cant increases my Mastery points. There are some points that if you do not have the right mount you never going to get them. Then there's the one that I know of off the top of my hand that your own site says can be got by using a Raptor mount but I know for a fact that that's a bunch a bull. I wasted over and hour trying for this one point with the only mount I have which is a raptor mount and never got the point. (The Master point is Crystal Oasis Insight: Imed’s Grotto).. That is just one problem that is pissing my off to no end about this game. So who do I complain to because it not fun if I stuck and can not get to where I need to go or wish to go because I can not get the Mastery Points to get places. Sighs really drought anything will be done about this problem though.  

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