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Be Reborn in FENX - PvE and Fun Focused Guild

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Hello Everyone,


We are seeking Adults who want a place to call home & are continuing to look for new friends to join us. From The Ashes Risen [FENX] is primarily a PvE Guild on the US servers. We are very casual, active, friendly & helpful. We welcome people from ALL SERVERS to join us. We are female & LGBT Friendly. No one will judge you here. There is no rep requirement. No Drama, & most importantly, Zero Tolerance for BS.


One of the main things we realize is that this is just a game and real life comes first. So, if you need time away from the guild. Don’t worry we will be here waiting.
It has taken a great deal of work to keep us with that small guild feeling. No one is a number in this guild. We encourage all members to join us on our Discord, this is the best place to foster friendships and to ask for assistance in game.


So, if your looking for a casual Guild where you are encouraged to enjoy yourself in game, come on & join us, have some fun & some laughs.


A little bit about who we are:


Be Reborn in FENX!
We were first dreamed up over 14 years ago during the blissful days of Guild Wars 1. We have since carried our belief of being a guild for the members. We brought with us our spirit & the desires of helping those who we battle with side by side everyday in the game. We have endured mainly do the fact we don’t try to force anyone to play the game a certain way. We believe in playing Guild Wars 2 with our companions & having fun with a focus on enjoyment for all. We are a casual guild & those who run with us are our friends, not just members on a roster. Our acceptance of all people remain our shining glory. We only have two simple requirements: One - Respect each other and Two: - Have fun in the game & hopefully, with all of us.

We are not looking for quantity of people, we are looking for enduring friendships. All we ask is that you give respect to your fellow guild-mates & they in turn will do the same.


If FENX sound like a fit for you or you have any questions, please drop us an in game note/whisper or leave us a PM here.


Visit our website: https://fenx.shivtr.com/

View our guild Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/groups/fenx.guild/

Draco Aine.5714 (Guild Leader)

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Hello, I've recently returned to the game. Haven't played since shortly after it first came out and even then I didn't get too far. I'm looking to give the game another chance. Started a new character a couple days ago and would definitely love a chill guild. 

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Hi there,

I am a casual player returning after many years off. I played the game from the release but real life made me take a break. I am back in the game and i would like to join the guild if possible. Thank you.

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