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Be Reborn in FENX - PvE and Fun Focused Guild

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First post I was looking at, and it already seems like I won't need to look any further 🙂 Would really appreciate an invite. I am a returning player, been away for years and do not feel like I have a real understanding of the 80+ stuff 😬

[Edit: I just realized this would not work since I am on EU servers, right?]

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Hi, consistent veteran here, my old personal guild has effectively dissolved over the course of the pandemic, so I've been effectively playing by myself for a bit. I've got tons of experience so I'm open to helping folks with things, and a lot of the new multi-player content (i.e. strike missions) is stuff I've tried but not had the chance to really dive into. Y'all seem like a solid group, if you'd have me 🙂

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Hello! Used to play back when it first came out. I've forgotten almost everything so I started playing from the beginning again. I've been playing solo so far and feel like it's time to join a guild.

I'll be really busy the next few months though so won't be able to put much time on weekdays. If that's okay with you, I'd appreciate an invite. Thanks!

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Another new old player here lfg. Played core game but not much after until now. Mostly pve and solo, with work and kids so I am casual, but I would like to try diff mode at 80. 


Would appreciate an invite to a guild that welcome returning players 🙂

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