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11 hours ago, Bloodwine.6450 said:

I’ve been waiting for Wings for a backpack/glider like this for so long, however one thing ruins it for me…the smoke trail they leave behind when gliding.


Anet, whyyyyyy do you insist on adding a gliding trail on certain gliders but not others? I just watched a video showcasing the wings, and although I love the backpack and the fact they are fully dyeable, when gliding (as Asura) all I can see is smoke, the trails it leaves behind is so obnoxious it makes me not want to use them. 

Some gliders in the game don’t have the trail, the Moth Wings I normally use don’t. Who decided it was necessary to add the trails?

That does sound annoying. I was thinking these wings might be nice to have as a glider because they're pretty small, but that doesn't work if the trail is excessive. 


Is it dyeable? Sometimes effects like that can be dyed so they're less noticeable, often dark or dull dyes will tone it down or even make it nearly invisible. I  can't get in the game to check the trail on the wings but it might work there too. 

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