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Looking for hero point assistance.


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I am standing at the newborn mushrooms hero quest point, I neeed some assistance in gaining this point. please assist even if you have done this point. if you don't kmow where it is or how to get to it. it is in Rata Sum, look for a Hole in a wall by the stairs, gluide over to the hole and follow it to the hero point, I am usually playing form 12:00 noon to 4:00 Pm central time US

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6 hours ago, Vayne.8563 said:

If you just need the hero point (and you have all the others in HOT, you can use WvW currency to buy the hero point and never actually do it, in case you didn't know.  You're looking for Testimonies of Heroics or Proof of Heroics in  your wallet.

I echo this suggestion. I've gotten enough Testimonies for roughly 800 Hero Points via WvW.

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