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Long Bladed Dagger For Those Who Can't Wield A Sword - Skritt Reavor

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I was thinking about how Necros can't use a sword other than the Broadswords, which require the correct Spec.  As a support build Necro, the only thing bladed I can wield is a dagger but dagger skills suck...sorry but it's true.  I don't stack power at all and can do way more damage with an Axe and zero damage with a dagger.  That kind of poor balance is on the "Devs" but I'm not here to talk about GW2 cons.


I was thinking...  What if a long bladed dagger was created for Necros...  One that's longer than the usual in-game dagger but a little shorter than the usual single handed sword length.  So I thought about such a dagger having a Skritt based lore and came up with what I call, the Skritt Reavor.  I have no idea of how to direct image post in GW2 forums so I hope the image forum bbcode link shows up....





Doesn't look like it's going to work so try this link


zQDoebg.png (2048×1024) (imgur.com)


This was just quick work...  Don't have the time to do anything really nice since I'm working on a new mobile game app.

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