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Condi damage stack different on different classes?

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Strange question maybe but I been playing a condi ranger and really enjoying it! when I hit something with a short bow or torch N dagger the bleeding and burning stacks really stack up to say maybe 15 stacks or more if I hit some utility buttons.

I stared a condi scourge thought it would be similar but his torment and bleeding stacks only get up to like 5-8 stacks. The mobs die just as fast it seems but really just isn’t as satisfying to see the stacks ramp up as high as on the ranger. I’m I doing something wrong or do different professions and abilities apply different amounts of condi stacks?  I’m guessing the latter….. 



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2 minutes ago, Galmac.4680 said:

Yep, the necro was nerfed and nerfed and the former "master of condis" is now the worst condi class. Whenever I see other classes applying stacks and tons of condis... well.



Didn't necro get condi traits buffed along with the condi buff to exposed and the torment buff?  I'm pretty sure it's a preferred spec for fractals, no? 

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