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Anet plz Rendeem Braham

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On 9/20/2021 at 8:05 PM, Rognik.2579 said:

 (I hate IBS as an abbreviation; reminds me of Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

same lol, im from Brazil, and "IB"+something is a abbreviaton for "brazilian institute" + "of something", or remind me of IBM. its always sounded to me as big corporation or some government bureacracy institute.

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17 hours ago, Lan Deathrider.5910 said:

Meanwhile I want more Marjory and Kas screen time. Bow chicka bow wow.

"Hey Chicka Bump Bump."

"Caboose, what did I tell you about that!?"

"Sorry, Sorry."

On 9/20/2021 at 6:05 PM, Rognik.2579 said:

(I hate IBS as an abbreviation; reminds me of Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

You weren't the only one that picked up on that, following its conclusion I started calling it that on purpose do to how angry I was.

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I wish we had had Jory, Kas, Rox and Frostbite fighting alongside us in the "Dragonstorm" instance and appearing for those final chats in "Champion's End" to give us that proper Dragon's Watch reunion; we haven't seen them all together in one instance for quite some time now.

I found it weird that Rox in particular wasn't around for that final battle given her strong bond with Braham and when she'd already been acting as the Olmakhan ambassador to the High Legions. I would've loved a scene in the aftermath of Ryland's death where Rox would comment on Rytlock's family (perhaps even readd the hints from the cut S1 ending that Rox is Rytlock's half-sister via a shared dam whom they lost while they were still young if that's still deemed canonical in the dev team) and witness Braham finally apologizing to her and Garm for treating them poorly in Season 3 (whether he was actually under Jormag's subtle influence during that S3 time or not) and giving us a proper voiced farewell scene between Braham and Rox that we didn't get in S4 finale because it had happened off screen there.

I also would've liked to give Braham some physical scars from his insides being liquified by lava (based on previous destroyer creation lore even if he was partly protected by the Spirits of the Wild). He could've either returned to his senses but retained his new corrupted look as a permanent reminder of his choice, or had his corrupted rocky arms fall off with the rest of the corruption and thus leading him to become an amputee (he could either get golem arms or Canthan dragonjade teach arms, see e.g. Yao's concept art for EoD, as prosthetics in the future while his injuries from "Dragonstorm" would justify a lengthy recovery as he also struggles from the already established guilt of killing hundreds if not more innocents as an influenced champion off screen).

Maybe we could've even had a bittersweet GoT type of conclusion for his story (for now with a plot hook for his eventual return) where he used his lingering destroyer connection to guide the remaining destroyers far into the remote north away from civilization as an "alpha" and battling some of the surviving destroyer champions to make sure that they won't try to retaliate or create more destroyers to resume attacks in the future. I would've also liked an explanation for his destroyer senses as it's currently unclear if those were the result of him invoking the unknown fire magic source of the jotun scroll (as we never learned if that scroll contain magic from the Fire Spirit, Primordus or some other source) or if gaining Wolf's full blessing from Drakkar fight onward allowed him to gain enchanced spirit senses to track down powerful dragon champions.

With that said, part of the reason for Braham's survival was the narrative team's interest in subverting expectations as they wanted to explore the idea of a chosen hero not dying despite two prophecies expecting him to but being rewarded for his selfless deed instead (while the selfish Ryland got punished). Now that there are "clear skies ahead of him" as the narrative director Tom Abernathy explained in the interesting 3-hour video chat with deeg (well worth a watch for any GW2 enthusiast as the chat goes quite in depth into story, gameplay and other stuff), they can explore what happens to a hero who vanquished his people's ancient enemy and finished his mother Eir's vow to her father Einar.

There's another lingering mystery from Braham's backstory that the game has yet to address if the writers ever decide to explore Braham more: the origins of his black norn dad Borje the Sun Chaser who was a legendary hero in his own right. We don't know much about black norn or how Borje and Eir met and fell in love, or what feats Borje had done in life to earn the reputation of a legendary hero. Perhaps Borje could be a member of a seafaring norn tribe hailing from a remote region for all we know, and Braham could learn more about the family from his father's side and what they might be like as Braham figures out the legacy of not only his mother but his father too and how they're both a part of him. 🙂

In any case, Tom also pointed out that the team's plan is to flesh out and develop key characters via focusing on specific characters at a time. The charr and norn focus of the Icebrood Saga naturally led them to continue Braham and Rytlock's development, particularly to redeem Braham in players' eyes as a follow-up to what we already saw in Season 4. Now that the duo's immediate arcs have mostly concluded for now, the writers can turn their attention on Kasmeer, Marjory, Taimi and Gorrik to develop their respective relationships while also showing their growth as individuals in End of Dragons. As such, I doubt we'll see as big a focus on Braham and Rytlock in the expansion although I would like them, Rox and Frostbite to make a token appearance at some point as a last hurrah of sorts for Dragon's Watch once the story of the last original generation Elder Dragon concludes and Tyria embraces a new dawn with the original mission of Dragon's Watch having concluded.

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21 hours ago, Kossage.9072 said:

I found it weird that Rox in particular wasn't around for that final battle given her strong bond with Braham and when she'd already been acting as the Olmakhan ambassador to the High Legions.

Its not really that odd. IBS was the story of the Norn, and the more traditionalist Charr, having to face their problems. Rox, and the Olmakhan, weren't really a part of that because they were a splinter group that had already faced those issues, and moved past them.

With the way IBS was seemingly going to go before they switched over to doing Champions, with a two parter in the Centaur Lands, and then a last two parter near Anvil Rock, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that characters like Rox, and Canach, weren't originally planned to be in the story at all, and they just added them in because it was easy to do with what Champions was doing. I hold the same view of the Stone Dwarves as well.

I also don't really think Rox needs an apology from Braham. They were always close, and she clearly understood to some degree what he was going through. when they show up in LWS4 she doesn't seem at all annoyed, or angry, over how he was acting back then.

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On 9/26/2021 at 8:57 PM, DarcShriek.5829 said:

Everything about their relationship is awkward.  Some of the most cringey dialog I've ever seen.  Did Anet hire a 12 year old to write it?

Yeah don't have a problem with their relationship at all, but my god when we went back to season 2 that dialogue was sooo bad.

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