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How many professions do you main?

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i personally cant just play one profession or even just 3, so in most mmos i try to make every class they have, in guild wars 4 out of the 9 profession in my opinion can be easily  played by anyone which are warrior, ranger. necromancer and guardian, with guardian begin in the middle of beginner and intermediate, then you have engineer and revenant who are not difficult but do need more time and master, then the 3 difficult ones and in the order i think they are hard to hardiest is mesmer, elementalist then thief, so i you would pick a main to learn it to the core it is gotta be one of those 3 because i see the other 6 classes to be from easy to medium to master by anyone, but i do think i will end playing all of them because i like that i might not bring the maximum potential of all classes but i would rather to be 75% to 80% in all professions than to be 100% in 3 or 4 of them.


edit: untill now  the only class i did not play is thief while i did play mesmer and elementalist a little, i cant say i fully experienced them.

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I main engi and revenant atm. Sometimes i also play ele. 


I very disagree on the point with the "this 3 are hard to Master and this 3 are easy to master".

It very much depends on build. For example power holo isnt that hard to Master, but condi holo is. Personally i dont think thief is even close to the "hard to Master state" but thats just my opinion. 

You can see some builds on snowcrows and theres also written the skill floor and skill ceiling. 

It very much depends on the build and not only the class. For example power holo sword having skill floor 2/5 and skill ceiling 4/5. Condo holo having skill floor 4/5 and skill ceiling 5/5. There are also other points like boon reliance. Power holo has 3/5 and condi holo has 5/5. Means power holo has more self boons than condi holo. This means power holo is also "easier" to use while u r alone, if the condi engi doesn't use trailblazers obv. 


To the point with playing multiple classes. Personally i can always just focus on 2-3 classes. Mostly bc i dont like playstyles of some professions. So i just focus on some that i like the most. Atm my Ranking is like: 

1. Engi, 2. Revenant, 3. Ele, 4. Necro, 5. Mesmer....

So i just play engi, Revenant and sometimes ele. Just a Personal preferance that i cant play more than 3 at one time.

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Going by sheer man-hours alone, I main Elementalist.  I use 12-hour food primers with 24 hour celebration boosters, which leaves me locked into a profession for long periods of time.  It's going to be a lot of hours to get the legendary armor, and also to get Conflux, so I'm going to play Elementalist a lot.  Thankfully they've got a lot of builds to play around with.


Otherwise, I don't really have a main.  I play 8 out of 9 professions.  

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My system, which I "optimized' after many years of play 😄

Main - only 1 character, always. Guardian on release (not my style) > Mesmer in PoF (closer, but still mostly no) > Rev with GS I think
I longed for GS Rev for long time, but for partly different reason - all other GS profession-movesets have same flaws (for me), but had some hope In the possible Rev e-spec. But I'll wait for coming beta - and for all 9-th beta. 
Priority in my plans - like in some book: "Second only to Havens". Complete priority in all possible situations include legendaries and choose between which one craft next. 

Alt (character) - like a favorite "secondary choice" characters. I think that I have around 2 or max of 3 alt's. Most of the time I pick for them preciously calculated builds... but always niche. So "min-max" for fun themes (like absolute game-maximum of some stat) or support character for my newbie real-life friends. So in the end - alt's is like a special characters for specific situations (more like real-life ones). I can choose them to complete some guild or open-world activities. Or something sort of a meditative game-play - collecting pets on Ranger or "passive lazy fun" with pet-build on Necro in PvE. Engi can be here too - little opposite to my preferences so I like it as some kind of opposition to my main preferences 😄
Priority - maybe I would spend some time on the difficult to acquire armor-set or few legendaries, but it's more like some "fresh air" after long sessions as main. 

Twink - but can't be sure with the word: it's like this in my language (and from WoW), but meaning in my region community is like a alt-character, but for specific gaming situations. Back in time it's like 19/29/39 level players in PvP battlegrounds in WoW. For me personally, after decade, it's like a "seasonal" characters. Fun or/and meta PvP Builds (still strongly prefer to play on main most of the time), or some sort of PvE activity. Pretty much all other interesting for me characters (in GW2 - all others).
Priority - zero, just my minute ideas/wishes or interesting concept.

So currently in GW2 I have:
1 main - around 70% playtime

2 alt's - around 20% or even less... and it's for both of them combined

6 "twinks" - all the other six professions, with some sort of my idea or concept behind them. But it's only around 10% of the remaining playtime. 
It's not like hard-rules, more like my style of play and resource/time redistribution. 

In the end, I like to try-harding with some sort of "ideal" character-type for me. I like to play others to, but dedicate most of my attention to the main-character only. 

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I have 95% of all my playtime on Warrior. The other class I enjoyed playing was Ele (Only with Weaver sword),

I cant get on with ranger as the attacks feel like they mostly rely on your pet coming off its lunch break.

Thief was ok but im not a fan of the cowardly gameplay.

Revenant's horrible audio from each weapon attack killed that class for me + the theme I couldnt get on with.

Mesmer, never could enjoy that class, both the theme and mechanics.

Engineer feels too restricted in what it can use (holo was enjoyable but wouldnt want to main it).

Guardian, the class was enjoyable but theme wise i found it too blue to my tastes.

Necromancer, too painfully brainafk of a class to play due to the mass amounts of handicaps it provides the player. I may try the class again with the newest elite spec that provides the class with a real edge, a risk reward factor.


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I have multiple characters of each profession, so each elite is a different character -- mostly. I do have a couple with both elites unlocked.

Looking at my account, my most played character by far is my Guardian/Dragonhunter, but I got burnt out on it part way through PoF, so switched to a Revenant/Renegade for a while, then a Necromancer/Reaper. Neither of those last 2 are top 5.

Lately my most played have been a Mesmer/Mirage and Mesmer/Chrono, so those two are my #2 and #3 most played. I've almost exclusively played a character that can do a portal, since I've been running with my brother who often needs help getting places, if you know what I mean.

#4 and #5 are both Rangers, Druid (though mostly played as core) and Soulbeast.


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  I have more than one character from my fav classes (heavy armor users) and I play more than one build of each one of them.

  But I would say that I main mostly Rev (70%+ of the time) followed by Guardian (25%) and Warrior (5%). I can also play Necro in PvP (and those are the only 4 classes I've played in over 6000 matches in PvP, and I only play heavies in WvW), but I'm way worse with Necro compared to using the other ones.

   I started the game maining Warrior but died alot so after 4 months I was already playing more the Guardian, which also died quite oftenly and had low HP and moved slowly. Rev fresh air to me since combined heavy armor, mobility, mid HP and good burst with sutain. Currently I play 4 Rev builds (at any game mode), 2-3 Guardian builds and a couple of Warrior and Necro ones.

   I think that Rev has a  wide range of well performing variety in builds, from power to condi, from mele to ranged, from bursty to tanky. Guardian has some amazingly designed skills but its builds are constantly moving from being op to being trash, and they don't work that well transitioning from PvE to E¡WvW/PvP and viceversa. Warrior is solid but  compared to the other ones a bit boring and repetitive. 

   So: I really main a couple of classes and can maneage other two; I'm terrible at playing the other 5, specially in competitive game modes.

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I got everything and equipped, but if I want any level of competence when playing, two classes are the most I can 'main' at any time. Mostly Necro and Warrior are staples for completing content. 

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I main Engineer and will be sticking with it for the rest of GW2 life. 

It is the result of countless trials with the other professions during my time in GW2 Core and HoT era.

The long term experience resulted in me concluding that my most fun is with the Engineer profession and its elite specs. While others are fine, the Engineer has been the one who kept me interested the most despite its long history of issues in GW2. 

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I main all 9 professions.  It's hard to tell with time spent on a character because I afk in VIP spots a lot.  I rarely ever get to have uninterrupted game time.

To go by PvP, I've played more games as thief, warrior, and mesmer.  

To go by PvE progression, all 9 are equally geared in ascended and story progression, and my 15 alts are equally one tier down.

I have 3 very different play styles and so I need all 9 mains to keep gameplay nice and varied.  


As far as what makes a profession difficult, that's on a case-by-case basis.  For me, thief and mesmer are the easiest because they usually have a play style that I naturally lean towards.  From what I can tell, what makes a profession difficult to play is how diametrically opposed the profession's mechanics are to the individual player's natural tendencies.  That'll vary widely among players.


Oh, if I go by oldest character and first to do new content, it's thief.  Made him in the early launch.  Well, more like re-made as I technically made him first in the betas.

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