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With Vindicator being released, will the Renegade trait named Vindication be renamed, similarly to Harbinger Shroud being renamed to Sandstorm Shroud?

With an elite spec named Vindicator having a trait named Vindication in a different elite spec for the same class in extremely confusing and immersion breaking.

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  • lodjur.1284 changed the title to Vindication [LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE UNLESS FIXED]

Should ANet also rename "berserker stance" on warrior because of berserker?

Should ANet also rename the necromancer's spite trait "reaper's might" due to reaper?

Should ANet rename the herald trait "cristal harbinger" because necromancer have an e-spec named Harbinger?

... etc.


Harbinger shroud was renamed because harbinger had to have his own shroud base on it's name. Unless you got a vindicator main mechanic that need to be called vindication, I don't see the need to rename the trait.

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